Joomla 3.x – copy failed: – .htaccess problem – SOLVED

Error: Could not open c:/xyz/xyz/.htaccess for writing

After several years of Joomla use I have received the following error on my website.


Copy failed: C:\Apache24\htdocs\website\tmp\install_5ecbb9cc419bf\install_5ecbb9cc55a50\fof\.htaccess to C:\Apache24\htdocs\website\libraries\fof30\.htaccess

JInstaller: :Install: Failed to copy file C:\Apache24\htdocs\website\tmp\install_5ecbb9cc419bf\install_5ecbb9cc55a50\fof\.htaccess to C:\Apache24\htdocs\website\libraries\fof30\.htaccess

Copy file failed

Package Update: There was an error installing an extension:

Before updating ensure that the update is compatible with your Joomla! installation.
You are strongly advised to make a backup of your installation before you start updating.


Browser error while trying to update Joomla.
Browser view of Joomla update freeze on 23%.

I have faced the above problem when I tried to automaticaly update any of my iinstalled plugins and even when I tried to upgrade Joomla to a newer version. The only plugin which was able to update without problem was the language package!
I have searched the web for help but unfortunately I could not end up to a proper solution. Actually, I could not find someone with the same problem.
I have tried to realize if my problem caused by folder permissions error (.htaccess) but it did not – Step 5 (below) ensures it was not a permissions problem.


  1. Backup your site.
  2. Update manually your website to the latest Joomla version.
    (Joomla 3.x. How To Update The Engine Manually)
    Do not forget to fix the database structure
    Extensions – Manage – Database – Fix.
  3. Check that Joomla has been updated successfully and that your site works properly.
  4. Check if the error persists – try to automatically update your plugins.
    Extensions – Manage – Update.
    If they update, then fine – time to stop reading.
    If they not, then continue reading.
  5. Ensure that you are able to install a new instance of Joomla (latest verion – same with your update website) on your server without any problem. Do it, make the installation and delete the installation folder.
    Check the front end that works properly.
  6. Copy the following folders from the root of the fresh installation to your website.
    – administrator
    – components
    – includes
    – libraries
    – modules
    – plugins
  7. (Repeat Step 4) Check if the error persists – try to automatically update your plugins.
    You should be able to automatically (not manually) update your plugins.
  8. Check that your website’s front and back ends work properly.
  9. Backup your corrected website.

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